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Confident Businesswoman


Bailey Consultant's team members all have successful backgrounds in Sales, Sales Management and Leadership themselves.  They speak the language and understand what it takes to be able to grow and thrive in good economies or bad, they have built and have led high-performing teams, and can identify and attract the types of talent that will take your business to the next level.

Bailey Consultants - Our Company

About Bailey Consultants

Our Company

Bailey Consultants is founded on principle, and it shows in everything we do.   We value honesty and integrity above all else, and we expect the same from those people and companies with whom we do business.

We only work with the best.  We find the best sales professionals for the best sales forces.  We are very selective and we appraise only the strongest players in the market.

Our specialty is finding exceptional Sales Leaders and Professionals and we know what we are doing. 

We take the time to know what is important to you and make it our business to make sure that you get it.

Our aim is long lasting, successful results and we deliver.

Bailey Consultants - Leadership & Team

Our Leadership

Darin Wernke Bailey Consultants.jpg
Darin Wernke, Managing Partner

Darin Wernke leads the team with an unwavering focus on success and is driven by his passion of helping organizations acquire sales talent that have found ways to excel in all types of economies.  Darin brings with him over 20 years of sales and sales management experience along with a solid background in recruiting and hiring high performance teams.  He has helped companies from startups to billion dollar publicly held companies in designing hiring processes and is an expert at managing turnover due to non-performance/retiring teams. 

Kelly Wernke Bailey Consultants
Kelly Wernke, Recruitment Manager

Kelly Wernke leads our Recruitment Team with her innate ability to listen, and a skillfulness in discerning the right person for the right role.  Accomplished in her own right, Kelly brings a hunter mentality to our recruitment process and has helped Senior Sales Leaders, hard-charging Sales Professionals and Marketing Professionals to find the right role for maximum impact.

Our Promise

Companies pay for talent in one way or another.  Typically they pay in hiring mistakes, ads, job boards and in-house efforts or recruiters.  When you decide to invest in the success of your team with Bailey Consultants, I can promise you a focused effort, and a better return on your investment.


We never send out the unqualified, under-qualified or plain poor match.  Nothing will disappoint you more than ignoring your needs.  

We are committed to finding you the right fit for your team and consider it our job to protect your corporate interests.  

Bailey Consultants - Our Promise
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