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Our services are simple.  We do whatever it takes to find the right candidates to make an impact on your bottom line.  

Executive Search


When ads and job boards aren't enough to make a successful impact on your management and sales team, we have what it takes to get you to the next level.  We care about what is important to you and we listen.  We have proven processes to ensure that we know exactly what the right candidate looks like for you and that they will fit your expectations and corporate culture as well as the technical skills and experience you require. And then we get to work...


We only work with candidates who are working and excelling within their current position.  That's why you can't find them.  They are not replying to ads and they are not sitting on job boards because they are busy being focused on success.  They have a track record and they have contributed.  They also have reached a point where they feel that they have more to offer than what their current company is using.  And that's where we come in...

Bailey Consultants

We find these candidates and help them discover how they truly want to be contributing.  We then assess their skills and talent, as well as the levels at which they would be most effective.  After working with the client to determine the "ideal candidate" and the candidate to identify their "ideal next step", we then facilitate the hiring process between those clients and candidates we expect to be a successful match.  And that's when the magic happens...